Embracing Tradition with a Modern Twist: Kerala’s Onam Dress Trends in 2023

Onam, the quintessential festival of Kerala, India, is not just a celebration of its mythological and cultural heritage but also a time when fashion takes center stage. The traditional Onam dress, deeply rooted in Kerala’s sartorial elegance, has evolved over the years, blending classic styles with contemporary trends. In 2023, this fusion is more pronounced than ever, offering a delightful array of choices for those celebrating. Let’s explore the trends in Onam attire this year, where tradition meets modernity.

The Eternal Charm of the Kasavu Saree

The Kasavu saree, with its iconic gold border on a pristine white base, continues to be a timeless choice for women during Onam. In 2023, these sarees have embraced subtle yet significant changes. Designers are experimenting with bolder borders, incorporating contemporary motifs and patterns while retaining the saree’s traditional essence. Some are even blending in colors like pastel pinks and blues into the borders, offering a fresh take on this classic attire.

Styling Tips:

Pair your Kasavu saree with a contrast blouse in vibrant colors like royal blue or deep red

Accessorize with gold or antique jewelry to enhance the traditional look.

For a modern twist, opt for statement blouses with unique necklines or sleeve designs.

The Revival of Mundu and Neriyathu

The traditional men’s attire of Mundu (a white dhoti) and a matching shirt has seen a revival with youngsters. In 2023, the Mundu is being paired with contemporary shirts in pastel shades, and even with designer or ethnic-printed shirts. The Neriyathu, a cloth draped over the shoulder, often matching the Kasavu saree, is also making a comeback, with men draping it in innovative styles.

Styling Tips:

Experiment with shirt colors and patterns while keeping the Mundu classic.

Add a trendy watch or a pair of stylish sunglasses to elevate the look.

For a more traditional approach, pair the Mundu with a Kurta in earthy tones.


Onam in Kerala is a beautiful amalgamation of culture, tradition, and fashion. The 2023 Onam dress trends reflect a perfect blend of the state’s rich heritage with modern style sensibilities. Whether you opt for the classic Kasavu saree or a chic fusion outfit, the key is to wear it with confidence and enjoy the spirit of this vibrant festival. Happy Onam! Kerala’s Onam dress

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